Account Suspended

This Account Has Been Suspended

Contact your hosting provider for more information.
Send an email to, please see fees schedule below.

IH System Fee Schedule

a. $ 190.00 Suspension due to security & network abuse

b. $ 200.00 Suspension due to spam and blacklisting of our IP

c. $ 10.00 Suspension due to mon-payment (fullpayment + $ 10.00 late fee)

d. Other reason will be charged based on severity of offense.

All paymemts are in USD and payment through Paypal only to Note: A dispute after producing a reason will require a $ 95.00 rettention fee. If we un-suspend an account (after all dues are paid) you as a client resposnible to cleanup our website or server. for any vulnerability with-in 24 hours.
Please send all correspondence to or open a ticket at (Create new account if your account does not exist)
We appreciate your business and looking forward to serve you better.

IH System Support